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隨著高等教育面臨前所未有的變化,校園規劃者正在發揮關鍵作用,將機構多樣化的空間、財政和物質發展需求綜合成一個統一的行動計劃。AG 的綜合校園規劃綜合考慮了學術、財務、校園生活和設施問題。該方法有助於促進對機構目標和優先事項的廣泛共識,以及對如何在不斷變化的教育環境中實現這些目標和優先事項的數據豐富的理解。

As higher education confronts unprecedented change, campus planners are taking on the critical role of synthesizing an institution’s diverse spatial, fiscal, and physical development needs into a unified action plan. AG ’s integrated campus planning provides a comprehensive consideration of academic, financial, campus life, and facility issues. The approach helps facilitate a broad-based consensus for institutional goals and priorities, along with a data-rich understanding of how to realize them in a shifting educational landscape.

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