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Chang Chang-Ming




MA, Architecture, Chung Yuan Christian University


Passed licensing examination for architects




Dedication starts with a young spirit











“For any business firm, the most important thing of all is the quality of the work. We must create good architectural works. Secondly, each project must be subject to cost control, because running a company is not just an ideal. I want to produce a good project on behalf of the client, but I also want my employees to achieve a good performance.”  Architect Chang Chang-ming, who offers endless great ideas on for building design as well as how to run a company, quietly continues, "Putting it simply, a company's employees must be happy before they can do good work." Holding to the concept has helped Archcorp to focus on the objectives of the owners on every project it has handled over the years.

Unlike most architects in Taiwan, Archcorp Construction has a great deal of experience working with international construction firms. One result of frequent collaboration with foreign construction teams is that Archcorp designs and builds to international standards in the buildings it creates.


The multinational work experience gained by Archcorp Hong Kong long years ago has created many advantages in Archcorp Construction's work with international companies now. Whether the partner is Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, the United States or China, the end of each collaboration is to create architectural masterpieces through cooperation between member of an international team. This brings out more creative thinking, and it also offers Archcorp Construction a wider world vision. The experience and ideas that Archcorp learns from each project are absorbed and assimilated and used  in developing other local projects in Taiwan.

"The wheel of construction rolls forward without a stop. Archcorp Construction is ready to keep pace and move forward, but we must do a good job in every detail to pass on these values to each of our clients. That is what I have tried to do from the beginning, and it is what allows Archcorp to excel in everything that we do.

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