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Being A AG Person/關於團隊



Being A Great person

當您每天醒來時,是什麼激起您的靈魂?  激勵學習? 促進研究和發現? 建立業務? 還是為休閒和娛樂創造空間?


在本事務所,我們把握機會與敢於突破界限並追求大膽的“假設”的客戶,並共同創立輕鬆、充滿學習力的工作環境。 我們把握機會與敢於突破界限並追求大膽的“假設假設”的客戶,合作夥伴和同事一起工作。 而且,我們發現瞭如何激發激情並取得成功的方法。 秘密? 像你這樣的人。 與擁有共同目標,價值觀和願景的其他人建立夥伴關係,共同建立建築設計的美好品質,創造更高的價值!


When you wake up every day, what arouses your soul? Motivate learning? Promote research and discovery? Build a business? Or create space for leisure and entertainment?

​The firm was founded in 1990 and is committed to bringing more innovative and better design products to the construction industry.

In our firm, we seize the opportunity to create a relaxed and learning work environment with clients who dare to break through boundaries and pursue bold "hypotheses". We seize the opportunity to work with customers, partners and colleagues who dare to push boundaries and pursue bold "hypotheses". Moreover, we have discovered how to inspire passion and achieve success. secret? people like you. Establish partnerships with others who have common goals, values and visions, and jointly establish the beautiful quality of architectural design and create higher value!

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