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規劃是一種夥伴關係:為人規劃和對所有人開放的規劃。這就是為什麼 AG 的規劃過程有意具有包容性,與我們的客戶合作以深入了解他們的社區和他們的需求。我們的整體方法使我們能夠發現聯繫和績效改進,將想法轉化為創新的、可操作的政策和項目,這些政策和項目往往超出客戶的最大期望。無論您的項目規模如何,我們都會帶來大膽的城市思維,不懼怕推動變革,將社區對話從“過去”轉變為“未來可能”。

Urban planning is a partnership: Planning for people and planning that is accessible for all. That’s why AG’s planning process is intentionally inclusive, working with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their communities and their needs. Our holistic approach allows us to discover connections and performance improvements that translate ideas into innovative, actionable policies and projects that often surpass our clients’ wildest expectations. No matter what the scale of your project, we bring bold urban thinking, unafraid of driving change and shifting community conversations from “what has been” to “what can be.” 

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