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 建築設計(Architecture Design)

對於居住,辦公,學校,廠房,商業百貨,醫院等建築類型的設計,依    業主需求配合基地條件並符合法規的規定,研擬計畫書以定質定量,進    而作初步設計及細步,結構和設備系統之配合,以塑造最佳的空間感及    經濟價值。


AG 的建築匯集了不同的思想——客戶、他們的用戶群體、施工團隊和我們的綜合專家團隊——制定一個共同的願景,為每個客戶帶來獨特而美麗的解決方案。是興奮的。它很吸引人。這就是我們創造偉大建築的方式

For the design of residential, office, school, factory, commercial department store, hospital and other building types, according to the needs of the owner, the base conditions are met and the regulations are in compliance. Cooperate with the equipment system to create the best sense of space and economic value.

Creating architecture is a privilege, one that comes with great responsibility. Our experience ensures that the process is a smooth one, dovetailing design goals, technical performance, costs and schedules. We recognize that each client has entrusted us with a significant undertaking for their organization. We return that trust by building a collaborative partnership that gives shape to the client’s needs and ideas. 

Architecture at AG brings together diverse minds—the client, their user groups, the construction team and our integrated team of specialists—to craft a shared vision that leads to a unique and beautiful solution for each client. It’s exciting. It’s engrossing. It’s how we create great architecture.

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