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Jhangshu Jr. high School, Xizhi





總樓地板面積|16,382 m2



Location|Xizhi, Taiwan

Use|School dormitory

Builder|Jhangshu Jr. high School, New Taipei City

Specifications|5 levels aboveground, 1 level underground

Total Floor Area|16,382m2






Natural-colored bricks in earth tones create a solid yet simple academic image for this school. The plan calls for a semicircular central plaza and a square with steps to form a memorable entrance to the school area. The scene will give young students something to remember from their days in school here. One of the students’ favorite places in school, the school store, is tucked away in a key spot in the layout, helping to soften the stilted feeling often created by rigidly designed administration areas in a school by drawing in students to add life and vitality to the area. The open areas are lined with plants and trees that will provide greenery throughout the year and keep the campus looking beautiful.

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