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室內規劃設計(Interior Design)

對於住宅環境及公共場所或私人辦公等室內外的佈置規劃,除依業主需    求外,並配合環境條件,予以適切,針對生活空間機能的需求,充份讓    生活基調每個角度及細節,強化空間的延續性融合現代居住的綠色美學    及生活品質。

在 AG,設計室內空間始於客戶。我們將自己置身於他們的環境中,觀察並提出問題。目的是了解客戶想要什麼,他們需要什麼,以及這些需求在未來可能如何發展。在此基礎上,我們設計的解決方案不僅是功能空間,而且是專注於個人需求和福祉的獨特環境。   

For the indoor and outdoor layout planning of residential environment and public places or private offices, in addition to the needs of the owners, and in accordance with the environmental conditions, they are appropriately tailored to meet the functional requirements of the living space, fully let the life tone every angle and detail, and strengthen the space The continuity of the modern residence integrates the green aesthetics and quality of life.

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