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Our Service / 服務內容




The company has an excellent management team, adheres to the business philosophy of "continuous innovation, dedicated service", pursues sustainable business and growth, and attaches great importance to the quality and efficiency of construction. The construction projects are public and private constructions, and they are creative and detailed. Design, emphasis on creativity, texture, space, taste and detail design is famous for designing high-quality works, attaches great importance to quality and efficiency, has complete professional knowledge, is well received by the industry, and engages in various businesses with dedication.

The company has urban design, interior design and construction, detailed design, landscape design, market analysis, legal analysis, environmental planning, development permits, land development evaluation, appraisal, and other related engineering consulting services, and can provide a full range of consulting services with the owners' Design requirements.

Recent projects are mainly based on the planning and design of super high-rise buildings, collective housing, shopping malls and community development, urban renewal, MRT joint co-construction development, earthquake-free buildings, energy-saving green buildings, school and campus planning and office, sports facilities and factory buildings. Mainly.

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